AQUASAFE is being used as a meteorology and oceanography data integration tool (levels, currents) and results from meteorology models forecast (MM5), wave climate(WWIII e SWAN) and hydrodynamics (MOHID) to support port operations (namely navigation between port entrance and pier) and disclosure of relevant information to stakeholders.

Presently the system is being implemented in 3 Portuguese Ports but the remaining port comunity is showing interest in implement it in other locations.

The system is presently being used to produce forecast reports in formats fitted to the users requirements and includes automatic alerts to specific weather and wave climate conditions.

AQUASAFE it is also being used to support the pilots in what concerns the navigation channels water depth available. By means of integration of the ontime data, the most recents bathymetric surveys and the models results concerning water level, currents, waves and meteorological conditions, it is possible to optimize the dredging effort necessary to guarantee the required safe navigation conditions.


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