AQUASAFE platform aims to make the operations management more efficient, enhancing the use of real time information and its perfect integration with diagnosis and forecasting tools. With the concepts implemented in AQUASAFE platform the integration is done managing in a uniform way the measured data (sensors, remote sensing) and modeld data (eg, water supply, wastewater, receiving environment, meteorology, etc.)

The mesure data can be derived from classical sampling or be imported in real time, the models can be run in diagnostic mode to simulate scenarios or periodically in prediction mode. This methodology allows a real time management of the needed data to characterize the quantity and quality of water with a high temporal and spatial continuity.


AQUASAFE functioning as a model integrating element, external data sources, data from Scada systems and the samples collection, allows including:

  • Modeling results available in real time through the integration Scada systems or other external data source with the models without human intervention;
  • Anticipate difficult situations through the creation of personalize alarms that combine information from several data sources (real or modeled);
  • Perform automatic processes of personalize scenarios simulation to evaluate management options in real time;
  • Detect the occurrence of ruptures or overflows in real time;
  • Generate automated reports of modeling results and/or measures based on predefined templates by the user;
  • Allows the pratical use of modeling results in operating room by taking advantage of the know-how of the existing operators;

AQUASAFE allows, in addition, to offer tailored-made solutions being compatible (or easily adaptable) with the use of diferent models (networks of water supply and sanitation, run-off, weather, waves, etc.) and databases. Includes routines based on the OPC protocol to "talk" directly with Scada systems and includes the possibility to customize intefaces according to different users profiles.

AQUASAFE also has a management module of monitoring campaings, especially customized for managing all information related with PCQA, and other sampling campaings, including the information management in GIS environment, automatic production of reports and interface with ERSAR database.


AQUASAFE was originated in a project partially funded under the QREN program, having had SIMTEJO, Águas do Oeste and Águas do Cávado support and the collaboration of Bentley Systems.



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