Today, most utilities have in have in place various solutions monitoring the status of the system mainly for ongoing operational needs.   Modeling however is rarely used in these scenarios being mostly used in off-line studies for planning purpose. The AquaSafe platform allows modeling  to be transformed from a planning tool to a decision making tool, integrated in day-to-day operations, providing operational forecasts of the system state, defining alerts, producing automating reports.

AQUASAFE is capable to integrate real time data to force models, schedule models runs at user defined intervals and producing automatic reports providing customized value added data analysis.

Connection to any type external data source such as third party forecast providers (typically meteorology, waves, large scale hydrodynamics, radar precipitation data, etc), local point measurements (Scada systems, online monitoring stations) is done via one of the many options already implemented in AQUASAFE making it virtually connected to any available data source and format (any type of database via OLEDB,ODBC or ADO, SCADA via OPC standard, table and text formats, WMS, Web Services, OpenDap, FTP, HTML …).


AQUASAFE includes a model management Module that enables it to implement all the steps of a full modeling process including: set up of input data, model scheduling, output processing (error detections and management, validation), and long term sequential compute. Currently the following models have already been successfully implemented and easily customizable tool is available for including new models:

Water Distribution

·         Bentley WaterGems

·         Bentley WaterCAD

·         Bentley Hammer

·         EPANet

Sewer and Storm

·         DHI Mouse

·         EPA SWWM

·         Bentley CivilStorm

·         Bentley SewerCAD

·         Bentley SewerGems

Hydrology and Land Processes

·         MOHID Land

·         SWAT

Coastal Processes

  • SWAN
  • MOHID Water

One solution fits all?

AQUASAFE connects to the heart of a system, simulating and/or monitoring dynamic processes via a strong interaction with existing information and IT infrastructure. Aquasafe has been developed having in mind the concept of “Swiss knife” where various “connectors” were developed both for models and data sources in order to keep it flexible and adapted to any typical IT situation/system configuration facing an owner/operator. This type of approach allow for example the implementation of multi modeling scenarios where the results of a specific model, for example a demand forecast model becomes the input of another model (for energy optimization for example) all managed in the same Aquasafe environment. This approach has been proving very successful; the true is that until now no systems were left unconnected. Interfacing and reporting is also highly customizable and fitted to user needs and profiles. Information access, extraction, analysis and reporting capabilities are made available to every authorized user on the utility covering all (allowed) information managed by Aquasafe.

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